Director  Katie Workman
  Hours of Operation   Monday – Friday;
  7:00a.m. – 5:30p.m.
  Ages of Children   One to Five years old
  Enrollment Information   (423) 877-2467



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A Message from Katie Workman

Thank you for your interest in our Child Development Center.  Our philosophy is based on our belief that God has made each of us as unique individuals.  By word and example Jesus Christ loved little children.  It is our goal to do the same at Hixson First Baptist Child Development Center.  By providing a sound educational background, each child will have the opportunity to develop physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.  The purposes of our Center are under-girded with each of these developmental areas.

Spiritual:  Each child will grow in his knowledge of God and His love and care.  We want our children to be aware of God’s world around us.  We teach that Jesus is God’s son and that Jesus is their friend.

Physical:  Children will become aware of their physical needs through play and movement activities.

Mental:  Through games, use of learning centers, artwork, songs, books, puzzles, blocks, and group activities, we provide opportunities for learning.  Children will observe, experiment, discover, think and generalize at their individual levels of experience and development.

Emotional:  Our desire is to help each child move from a home environment into a school setting.  We want to help by encouraging children to mature in their reactions and in the expression of their emotions.  We want each child to feel good about themselves and be able to communicate all feelings; even anger or sadness.  These are goals we all enjoy seeing children attain.

Social:  Children will acquire interest, attitudes, and values, which aids them in becoming secure and positive in their relationships involving their peers and adults outside the home.

HFBC uses the Pinnacle Curriculum, which is a guide for the faith-based early childhood classroom.  It is designed to assist teachers with program planning that encourages children to develop emerging skills in all developmental areas while discovering and experiencing God’s love.




  • Quiet and vigorous activities
  • Individual and cooperative activities
  • Indoor and Outdoor activities
  • Familiar and new activities

All curriculum activities utilize a variety of educational mediums to access the multiple learning styles of the children that we serve.

Read more about the Pinnacle Curriculum here.

Registration Fee (applied yearly):  $30

Supply Fee (applied bi-annually):  $30

Age Group   Weekly Cost
 Young Toddlers   $165
 Older Toddlers   $162
 Young 2’s   $157
 Older 2’s   $157
 K 3   $152
 K 4-A   $147
 K 4-B   $147
 K 5   $147


Additional Programming (*additional cost)* – a computer class offered to children in the 3 & 4 year old classes
Razaroos* – a gymnastics program offered to children in the Older 2’s, 3’s & 4’s classrooms
Graduation – a formal cap and gown ceremony to recognize Pre-K graduates


  • HFBC CDC is licensed by the state of TN
  • HFBC CDC chooses not to participate in the STAR Quality Program


  • All staff are required to undergo thorough background checks
  • All administrative staff and lead classroom teachers are CPR certified
  • All staff are required to complete 12-18 hours/year of continuing education courses
  • All staff are trained in First Steps, SIDS prevention, abuse/neglect awareness, and blood borne pathogen education


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